Day 7 ★ The villagers

When I moved into town, there were already five villagers living here.

These five villagers are what I refer to as my starting lineup.

They are:

Nana is a normal monkey whose catchphrase is po po.  Her birthday is August 23rd, which makes her sun sign Virgo.  Her favorite quote is bread always falls peanut-butter side down, and she likes fancy, colorful items.

Timbra is a snooty sheep whose catchphrase is pine nut.  Her birthday is October 21st, which makes her sun sign Libra.  Her favorite quote is don’t pine for the past, and she likes gorgeous, brown items.

Frank is a cranky eagle whose catchphrase is crushy.  His birthday is July 30th, which makes his sun sign Leo.  His favorite quote is today is the last day of the rest of your life, and he likes rockin’, gray items.

Alfonso is a lazy alligator whose catchphrase is it’sa me.  His birthday is June 9th, which makes his sun sign Gemini.  His favorite quote is slow and steady wins the race, and he likes safe, green items.

Bluebear is a peppy cub whose catchphrase is peach.  His birthday is June 24th which makes his sun sign Cancer.  His favorite quote is candy makes the world go ’round, and he likes fancy, blue items.

While I do like my starting lineup, I think that the one from Wisteria was better!

During the past seven days, three new villagers have moved in.

They are:

Moose is a jock mouse whose catchphrase is shorty.  His birthday is September 13th which makes his sun sign Virgo.  His favorite quote is a cornered rat will summon the courage to bite a cat, and he likes crazy, yellow items.

Shari is a uchi monkey whose catchphrase is cheeky.  Her birthday is April 10th which makes her sun sign Aries (Yay, Aries!).  Her favorite quote is a good start leads to a good end, and she likes fancy, beige items.

Tex is a smug penguin whose catchphrase is picante.  His birthday is October 6th which makes his sun sign Libra.  His favorite quote is rules were made to be broken, and he likes purple, rock items.

Of the eight villagers living here, I think that Moose is going to be my favorite.  Those wonky eyes of his are hilarious!

I can’t wait to find out who moves in next!


Day 4 ★ Exploring Anywhere

I’ve spent the past few days exploring the town and getting acquainted with the villagers.

There’s currently six villagers living here, but I’ll have to introduce them at another time because I’m ready to get started on this mini tour!

I guess that we can begin at town hall.

There are four different variations of town hall.  The one here is blue.

It’s located on the north/west side of town, in close proximity to both the train station, and the bulletin board.

The train station is to my left; your right.

Like the town hall, there are four different variations of it, and the one here is also blue.

I was happy to see that the train station, and the town hall match.  I like that they match, even if the blues aren’t the same shade.  It helps me to better deal with the fact that there are eight rocks in this town.

Yes, you read that correctly.  This town has eight rocks!!!

Our last stop on this mini tour, before we head up to Main Street, is my house.

I built my house next to the waterfall because I love the way that the waterfall looks, and above a cliff because I like putting on my wetsuit and jumping off.

Please excuse the yellow and green qr codes.  I used them to help me plan out where I wanted Tom Nook to build my house.

Lastly, let’s take a look at Main Street.

There are two different Main Streets.  One has the Museum on the left, and the other has it on the right.

The Main Street here’s Museum is on the right.

I’ll be back after two sleeps with a new post.  See you then.

lve you for reading!

Day 1 ★ Find me Anywhere

I was asked to step down as mayor of Wisteria.

After taking some much needed time off, I had returned to Town Hall eager to get to work, only to be told by Isabelle that I was fired.

I was escorted to the train station, given a ticket, and told to go anywhere.

Seriously, Rover?

When I arrived…Anywhere…the most peculiar thing happened.

Isabelle was there, and she invited me to become mayor.  Again.  But, to a different town.

Hunh?! What?!

Weird, right?

I didn’t have anywhere else to go, so I accepted the position.

By the way, since I’m starting over, I decided to give myself a makeover.

:: Another beginning

It’s been a really long time since I had to abandon my position as Mayor of Wisteria, so I’m really excited to return.

Awww man!

I picked a great time to return too, since tonight was the first night of the weekly fireworks show.



Before I stopped at the Events Plaza to enjoy the fireworks with Isabelle and Crazy Redd, I decided to begin reacquainting myself with the old villagers in town, and introducing myself to the new ones.

The villagers were really shocked to see me, and gave me a warm welcome back.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

At the Events Plaza, Isabelle gave me a bopper, and I purchased a cookie from Redd.

The prize from the cookie turned out to be a boxed figurine, which I’ll sell at ReTail tomorrow.

Well, I’ll sell it at ReTail tomorrow, after I meet the new villager who is moving in.


:: DAY 42 ★ Hiatus

Today I announce that I will be going on hiatus.

How long, you ask?

For that, I do not have a definitive answer.

But I will miss you all while I’m away, and I’ll be reading and following the progress of your towns.

I’ll bid you all adieu for now, and I’ll see you all when I return.

– Mayor Grape


:: DAY 41 ★ The Giant Peach Problem

Last night I went to Club LoL to see K.K. Slider perform live.  He was accepting requests, so I requested a song that is quickly becoming one of my faves – Steep Hill.

Yay! :D

Yay! 😀

I fell in love with this song after I heard it playing at Phil’s house.

When I returned home, I quickly fell asleep and had the most random dream of a town called Whittle.


Papi was a villager there, and he actually recognized and remembered me!

Papi?? Is that you?? What the?!? I am still dreaming right?!

I woke up a bit confused, but definitely refreshed, and began my day.  

I was out watering flowers when Boone pinged me to tell me that Renée was home sick with a cold.

Oh no!  I'll have to stop by and bring her some medicine.

Oh no! I’ll have to stop by and bring her some medicine.



I made a mental note to pick up some medicine from Timmy and Tommy to take to Renée after I finished at my weekly hair appointment with Harriet.

Before I had nearly completed watering all of the flowers in Wisteria, I heard someone ping me.

It was Celia.  She pinged me to ask if I would bury a time capsule for her and Phil.

Out of all of the villagers, Celia is the one who asks me to do things the least, so of course I was more than happy to help, and buried the capsule conveniently behind her house.

At Shampoodles, Harriet told me that she’s now offering a new service – colored contacts.

Uhhh … I think that this new do will take some getting used to.

Unfortunately, she told me after she had already styled my hair, and since she only offers one service per customer per day I’ll have to come back tomorrow for the contacts.

After pampering myself at Shampoodles, I stopped by Renée’s to see how she was doing, and give her the medicine..

aww … I’m sorry that you don’t feel well love 😦

She wasn’t doing too well, complaining of a stomach ache, as well as a cold.

Get better soon.

She took the medicine, but didn’t feel any better.  I wished her well and left so that she could get some rest.

I went to Town Hall to tend to some official mayor business.  I wanted to add a fountain to the North East park in Wisteria.  Unfortunately, there was not enough space to add the fountain, so I cancelled the project and chose to place a light post in the park instead.

I can't wait until tomorrow to see how it looks!

I can’t wait until tomorrow to see how it looks!

I’ve been doing a lot of work around town.  Curious about Citizen Satisfaction, I returned to Town Hall to inquire with Isabelle.  She told me that the villagers think that the town is dirty.

I imagine that it must be all of the basket of peaches that I have laying around Wisteria that is causing them to feel this way.  I don’t know how I ended up with sooo many peach trees that produce fruit sooo often, but I knew that it was time to do something about it.  I grabbed my trusty happy ax and went hunting for peach trees.

After going through my last two happy axes, I headed to the Island in search of a silver ax.

How's that for luck?  Take that Katrina!

How’s that for luck? Take that Katrina!

I should have bought more than one, but I was still able to take care of most of the peach trees in Wisteria.

I can’t believe that there were so many.  I don’t remember if I actually planted them or if they were already there when I moved into the town.

After I finished hacking away at peach trees, I returned home to watch one of my favorite movies:  Frozen, hoping that my work today made me one step closer to solving Wisteria’s giant peach problem.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

:: Happy Birthday Papi!

Today was Papi‘s birthday, so today was a pretty exciting day for me.

Thanks for posting this wonderful birthday wish for Papi, Isabelle.

I love attending birthday parties, so I was really looking forward to attending Papi’s.  I had plans to stop by the party around mid-afternoon, since I had some mayoral tasks that I had to attend to.

A new villager had moved into Wisteria, and as mayor, I like to stop by, greet, and welcome them.  So I made plans to do just that after I finished tending to Wisteria’s many flowers.

Watering flowers is soooo relaxing!

Watering flowers is soooo relaxing!

I was watering flowers when I heard someone ping me.  It was Celia, and she gave me some words of wisdom (she does this often).

aww ... you always give such great advice.

aww … you always give such great advice.

When I was done watering all of the flowers in Wisteria, I stopped by Town Hall where Isabelle told me that the villagers wanted to have a ceremony to celebrate the completion of our latest public works project.

Yay!  We did it!

Yay! We did it!

After the ceremony, I returned to Town Hall to begin work on our next public works project. Sometime last week, Dotty had suggested a fairytale clock, and since I adore Dotty, I wanted to fulfill her request.

Together, me and Isabelle chose a nice spot for it, and I contributed all of the funding.

Yipee!  I can't wait until tomorrow when it's complete.

Yipee! I can’t wait until tomorrow when it’s complete.

Once my work at Town Hall was completed I stopped by Re-Tail.  I had ordered a modern bed for Renée and I wanted to have Cyrus customize it.

Thanks Cy!  I'll be back in 30 mins.

Thanks Cy! I’ll be back in 30 mins.

I decided to get some things done while I waited for the bed to be customized, so I stopped by our newest villager’s home to welcome them.

The new villager turned out to be a cranky goat named Gruff who said that he moved to Wisteria from a town named Canvas.

Hi Gruff!  It's nice to meet you!

Hi Gruff! It’s nice to meet you!

He has THE most STUNNING pair of blue eyes.  I mean seriously, you have GOT to see his eyes!

I left Gruff’s home and went to Main Street to visit Dr. Shrunk at Club LoL.  I already have half of my joke book filled, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get another joke today.

Yes!  A joke that I can finally nod my head in agreement to!

Yes! A joke that I can finally nod my head in agreement to!

I still had time to spare, so I went to Brewster’s Cafe to work part-time as a barista.

I served coffee to Phil, Prince, Daisy, and Kicks.  After my shift, Brewster paid me with Superb Coffee Beans and an Espresso Maker.

Thanks!  See you tomorrow!  Have a good day!

Thanks! See you tomorrow! Have a good day!

Once I was finished with my shift I went back to Re-Tail to pick up the customized bed for Renée.  I HATE the way her house is furnished, so I hope that she’ll use it.

This should work with the green & yellow theme that I've chosen for her home.

This should work with the green & yellow theme that I’ve chosen for her home.

Finally, completing my To Do list, I went to Papi’s birthday party.

Thanks for inviting me!

Thanks for inviting me!

Canberra was there and the two were dancing their hineys off.

Go Papi!  It's your birthday!  Go Papi!  It's your birthday!

Go Papi! It’s your birthday! Go Papi! It’s your birthday!

I gave Papi his present.  I knew that he would like it because he had asked me for something similar not too long ago.

Yup!  I remember that you had asked me for a plant last week. :)

Yup! I remembered that you had asked me for a plant last week. 🙂

I had had a long day, so I only stayed a little while longer before I said my goodbye’s and wished Papi and Canberra a good night.

You're welcome!  Thanks for inviting me!

You’re welcome! Thanks for inviting me!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤